Altenew June 2020 Stand-alone Dies Release Blog Hop + Giveaway

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  1. Maryam Azhar より:

    Very unique idea with these dies.

  2. Kathy R より:

    This is beautiful! Very unique and would make a nice gift for someone special.

  3. Annette Reed より:

    This is so pretty! It looks like a window panel. Love it!

  4. Kathy Dippner より:

    Wow! Beautiful project!

  5. Judy Price より:

    What a WONDERFUL idea! You just opened up a whole new realm for using my stamps and dies! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the amazing inspiration! I have some new ideas for using my dies. I love the new release. It is fabulous!

  7. tina z より:

    wow, stunning!

  8. Melissa M より:

    That is a very unique home decor project. I would never have thought to use the rose diecuts in that way. I know of more than one person that would like to hang something like that in their house. Very nice.

  9. より:

    What a wonderful piece of art to adorn your home! Simplicity and elegance personified.

  10. Lauryne Cunningham より:

    What a beautiful decor piece- so unique and creative! I love that it’s transparent!

  11. Inkin' Chickie より:

    Nice idea for use. The framing looks good.

  12. Mendy Crumpton より:

    Beautiful creation. Very inspiring, will have to give it a try.

  13. Carol Wortman より:

    Oh my goodness that is beautiful! What a lovely gift that would be! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Sue D より:

    Beautiful home decor piece.

  15. Dawn Jones より:

    What a great idea! Live the simplicity of this beautiful artwork.

  16. Mary-Anne V より:

    Wow such a pretty home decor item…so delicate.

  17. Laurie Black より:

    Beautiful project, so unique and useful!

  18. Janis in ID より:

    What a gorgeous project!!! Love how elegant it looks!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  19. Dawn Tooley より:

    What a cool project! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Ruby Miner より:

    A beautiful take on an amazing die. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Susan Babcock より:

    Beautiful and such a nice unique take on this beautiful rose die set!

  22. Jenny N より:

    Cool idea, thanks for sharing!

  23. Cyndi Eberhart より:

    Beautiful work – it looks so delicate. You’ve given me lots of ideas!

  24. Dorothy A より:

    That is a beautiful home decor creation. Thank you for sharing!

  25. より:

    So beautiful and unique

  26. Kristin M. より:

    Love this piece!

  27. Diane Smith より:

    Very pretty and unique way to use the new dies.

  28. Judi より:

    What a cool idea!

  29. Tessa Serrano より:

    Beautiful work. I would love to have this in my home. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Talitha Wright より:

    What a wonderful project! So creative and so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. Cyndi Morris より:

    Such a beautiful, unique project. I love the Spring Roses dies from this fantastic release.

  32. Karen Hale より:

    Thank you for the creative inspiration…I love seeing home decor projects using our stamping and die cutting supplies. Beautiful piece!

  33. Shelley C より:

    So creative and unique!

  34. Teri S. より:

    Way to think out of the box Reiko! This is so delicate & pretty & must look lovely hanging in your home.

  35. Bethany Bachman より:

    So beautiful!

  36. Yvonne Boucher より:

    Reiko, you are one very creative and talented artist! I love how you used the dies to make framed art! I love it….thank you for the great inspiration

  37. Karthikha Uday より:

    What an awesome idea!! Love the home decor! <3

  38. Catherine L より:

    Wow! This is so creative and amazing! I love how you used old book paper. I think this might be my favorite project of the hop!

  39. Joanne M Hoffmann より:

    What beautiful creative, inspiring projects…color palette and project design are awesome!

  40. Helen F より:

    How stunning! What a wonderful way to use these great new dies!! I love the subtle addition of the text paper! Well done! Thanks so much for the inspiration! 🙂

  41. Denise Bryant より:

    Beautiful decor project! Love the detail of the book paper! The Spring Roses die set is so pretty!

  42. Valerie Hayden より:

    Oh My this is stunning and something new to me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  43. 匿名 より:

    Very cool use of the rose die! Simply elegant

  44. Kailash より:

    Such a beautiful and inspiring piece, love your creativity!

  45. Diana B より:

    What a gorgeous decor piece!

  46. Kathy Eddy より:

    This is just a stunning piece of art! Love it!

  47. より:

    This is a lovely piece to hang in a home! Great job, and thank you for sharing!

  48. Heather DePasquale より:

    Beautiful artwork! Another creative way to use these new dies! TFS!

  49. Marisela Delgado より:

    Beautiful project

  50. Marisela Delgado より:

    Gorgeous project!

  51. Marisela Delgado より:

    So beautiful!

  52. Melissa Friedrich より:

    GORGEOUS framed art, I love the book page die cuts!

  53. Patty A Eifert より:


  54. Patt H. より:

    Absolutely gorgeous, Reiko! Love this beautiful creation!

  55. Rema DeLeeuw より:

    Very pretty!

  56. Karen Walker より:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  57. Gail より:

    Such a unique approach to using any die. Congratulations

  58. Shaunette Onuska より:

    Very unique use if die cuts- thanks for sharing this idea

  59. Bonnie Johnson より:

    Very nice samples, thanks for sharing!

  60. Barbara Gallagher より:

    Incredible creativity!

  61. Meghan Kennihan より:

    What an amazing project! So elegant in the white!

  62. Nora Noll より:

    Oh my word!! I LOVE this!! Totally, totally STUNNING!!!

  63. ck d より:

    Wow, love your home decor project you made. It is beautiful. thank you

  64. Jade より:

    Wow. I was blown away by your decorative art work. I love it. It is a masterpiece!

  65. Keiren Dunfee より:

    This is a beautiful project. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  66. より:

    Such a lovely project. Thank you for sharing.


    I just love this idea so much! I want to make one for my craft window ASAP!!
    Thanks so much for your gorgeous inspiration.

  68. Carolyn R より:

    My goodness what a beautiful piece of art from this die.

  69. Shirley T より:

    Just gorgeous… Wow. I love seeing these products used for something new. This is so soft and elegant, and has given me ideas for new projects. Thank you for sharing and keep crafting!

  70. Nina Houghton より:

    This card is STUNNING! GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing it.

  71. Katy Glenn より:

    Very nice and creative!

  72. Linda より:

    Your project is beautiful! I’m going to try this!

  73. NatQuebec より:

    Beautiful idea 🙂

  74. Pauline Godfrey より:

    Your frame is so pretty! Love how you used the rose die to create this!

  75. Linda Rodgers より:

    What a creative way to use the die set. It’s lovely!

  76. Victoria より:

    wow, that frame is amazing !

  77. Alice Zimmer より:

    What a great idea and alternate use for die cuts. I am sure this will provide much inspiration to many of us. Thank you

  78. Kristi H. より:

    Lovely and delicate, using my favorite dies of this release. Thank you for sharing.

  79. jodiv より:

    Thank you for the beautiful idea

  80. Sherrie Dowdy より:

    Very pretty.

  81. Aya Elsheshtawy より:

    OMG! the decor frame is ADORABLE!!!! big love and milion likes

  82. Penny Pynnonen より:

    What a unique piece of art!

  83. sharon gullikson より:

    How pretty and subtle. I like how you used white. This is very pretty.


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