Altenew June 2019 Stamp/Die/Stencil Release Blog Hop + Giveaway

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  1. Johanna T. より:

    Wonderful project! It’s so nice to be able to comment, I have really enjoyed your work in many of the past Altenew blog hops!

  2. Yolanda F より:

    The shadow box is a great idea. They are beautiful

  3. Kathy P. より:

    What an awesome project, Reiko! Love this frame, with the fun prints from Altenew. The yellow flowers are the perfect pop! Thanks so much for your detailed instructions on how to cover the frames……wonderful inspiration.

  4. Raji より:

    I m going to try it. Thx.

  5. DJ Doss より:

    Great project! What a fun and clever way of using paper craft supplies. Love it!

  6. Beverly Jordan より:

    Thank you for your wonderful tutorial and fabulous inspiration!

  7. Lee より:

    What a lovely project!! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Amy Cairns より:

    What a clever and different idea, Reiko! Nice job 🙂

  9. Rozy より:

    Very beautiful frames and an excellent video tutorial. You make it look so easy–I have to try this. Wonderful inspiration!

  10. Cyndi Morris より:

    Love these sweet frames. Very unique.

  11. Melissa Sullivan より:

    Those frames are great! I can’t wait to try then!

  12. Kathy Dippner より:

    Adorable project! Love the yellow flower accents.

  13. see mary stamp より:

    The yellow and black combination is beautiful! So striking!

  14. Sue D より:

    Very creative!

  15. Lauryne Cunningham より:

    Wow! What a fantastic project and so beautiful! I love the yellow and black together! Thank you for the video!

  16. Sharon Youngblood より:

    So clever and beautiful, I bookmarked you page so I can come back to make the frames. Your layout and embellishments were perfect!

  17. nancy williams より:

    What a great project and thanks for the indepth details on how you did this beautiful project!

  18. Teri Terrific より:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for the tutorial; I hope to make this frame project for a couple of my friends_they’re going to LOVE it!!!

  19. Sally Powers より:

    Absolutely gorgeous pop of color with your 3D Shadow Box project using my fav in the Altenew June release.

  20. Lisa R より:

    Thank you for the crafty home decor project and tutorial. A great use of 6×6 paper and favorite stamp set. Thanks so much 🙂

  21. Jenrescuemama より:

    Love the project! Just beautiful.

  22. donna より:

    Fabulous project. Thank you for the tutorial. I love the solid flower images. They remind me of Marimeko designs that I always loved.

  23. Zlatka より:

    I love the photo frame idea! Very creative!

  24. Jane B より:

    What a great idea and tutorial. Thanks for sharing this fabulous project with us.

  25. Susan P より:

    What a great project! Thank you for sharing how you made the frames. Love the added flowers to your frames

  26. Kathy McCluskey より:

    WOW! Those frames are so beautiful, Reiko!! I really love how you accented them with those pretty yellow flowers! You are so talented and creative! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome creativity with us!!

  27. Tad Krauss より:

    Thanks for sharing a new idea.

  28. Valerie Ward より:

    What a great project!

  29. Janis より:

    Such a beautiful project <3

  30. iona day より:

    Beautiful project. Nice seeing something different.

  31. Betty より:

    such a unique frame project for the pictures of your darling little girls!

  32. Laurie Black より:

    Lovely project, and the photos are just darling!

  33. Denise Bryant より:

    Love these beautiful shadow box frames! Special creation to frame these sweet pictures! Love the bold flowers from the Peaceful reverie set! Perfect choice to decorate your frames!

  34. Donna Deck より:

    I love, love love this! I have been gathering lots of 6 x 6 paper and now have another use for it! Thank you.

  35. barbara lassiter より:

    Your frames are so creative and cute. It’s so clever and fun to show off prized photos in a frame set you made yourself! love this idea!

  36. Jean Marmo より:

    Simply delightful!

  37. Sandy Stein より:

    How unique are your frames. Nice work.

  38. Kristen Snoozy より:

    What a cute collage! I like how you used the Peaceful Reverie stamp set to join your frames.

  39. sb101 より:


  40. sb101 より:

    Thank you so much!

  41. sb101 より:

    I’m getting used to filming movies. I hope to show some more in the future!

  42. sb101 より:

    How happy I am to be able to know that! Thank you!!

  43. sb101 より:

    I am happy that you like it! Thanks.

  44. sb101 より:

    This patten set is awesome 😉
    Happy to see your comment! Thank you.

  45. sb101 より:

    Thank you!

  46. sb101 より:

    Thank you so much! Please enjoy making one!

  47. Dee Earnshaw より:

    so nice

  48. Marisela Delgado より:

    awesome project

  49. Angie より:

    Beautiful! Thanks for showing how you did this!

  50. Candace より:

    Just Brillant! Thanks for making my day!

  51. Heather Clay より:

    So fun and creative!

  52. Sascha Bausch より:

    Oh WOW…lovley Artwork <3 The Pattern Set is my favorite

  53. Teri より:

    Beautiful frames so creative

  54. Barb Limone より:

    Wow! So clever & creative! I’ll be making this one soon!

  55. Helen Kalb より:

    Oh I am so happy to be able to comment – I move your work Reiko!
    the frame project is so cute, thanks for the video tutorial.

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